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The Heffern lab is a young, multidisciplinary team of researchers, seeking to solve problems at the interface of bioinorganic chemistry and hormone biology.  Stay tuned to our fun adventures in the lab’s early years!

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July 1, 2020 Huge congratulations to Marie for a Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Award from UC Davis Graduate Studies! The lab greatly appreciates all that Marie does for the lab, department, and school communities.

June 22, 2020 Congratulations to Skyler for earning the Robert K. Brinton Graduate Award in Chemistry!

June 11, 2020 Congratulations to our graduating seniors, Ian, Ryan, Wayne, Adam, and Joey!

June 8, 2020 Check out our research article in Inorganic Chemistry! Congratulations to Michael, Sam, Wayne, and Ryan for identifying the C-peptide copper binding site and studying the complex’s activity. Check it out here!

May 30, 2020 Congratulations to Joey AbouAyash, an undergrad in the lab, for receiving the College of Biological Sciences Distinguished Scholar Award which acknowledges students for their academic excellence and research contributions!

May 15, 2020 Congratulations to Nate for presenting a great 3rd year seminar!

April 17, 2020 Sam presented a fantastic 3rd year seminar!

April 3, 2020 JJ and Vanessa presented the lab’s first departmental 3rd year seminars! Great job to both!

March 19, 2020 Congratulations to Jess for passing the lab’s first Zoom QE!

March 13, 2020 Huge congratulations to JJ for winning the ACS Central Science Best Poster Award at this year’s R. Bryan Miller Symposium!

December 20, 2019 Our trusted postdoc, Michael Stevenson, has just accepted a tenure-track faculty position at the University of San Francisco!! You will be missed, but we are also very excited for you and your future group!

December 15, 2019 The Heffern lab welcomes two new first years into the lab! Welcome Skyler and Chantel!

October 24, 2019 Congratulations to our newest PhD candidate, JJ, for passing his QE!

August 15, 2019 The lab has been awarded a NIH MIRA R35 grant! The grant will provide funds for the lab for 5 years!! Thank you to the NIH NIGMS for this honor!

May 17, 2019 The Heffern lab has been highlighted in two articles by UC Davis media! Check out this highlight on the Hartwell Foundation Award and this article describing our recently accepted work in ChemBioChem!

May 9, 2019 The lab’s first research article has been accepted in the journal ChemBioChem! The accepted version is available here! Congratulations to Michael, Ian, Kylie, and Jessica for this team effort on analyzing the impact of metals on the proinsulin hormone C-peptide!

May 6, 2019 Congratulations to Vanessa, our joint student, for passing her QE!

April 1, 2019 Marie was selected to be  1 of 12 new Hartwell Investigators and the lab has received the Hartwell Foundation’s Individual Biomedical Research Award! We thank the Hartwell Foundation for this amazing honor!

March 20, 2019 We have another PhD candidate in the lab! Congratulations to Sam for passing his QE!

March 15, 2019 Nate is the first graduate student in the lab to pass his QE! Congrats, Nate!

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And... we're live! We hope you enjoy the 2nd ChemBioChem Virtual Symposium with @GasserGroup, @seth_cohen_lab, and @marieheffern: http://bit.ly/CBC_2ndVirtualSymp

#PhDone 😆

My undergrad keeps saying, ‘everything happens for a reason’.
6 years ago, I joined the Que lab and it’s been the most amazing doctoral adventure that I could’ve asked for!
Thank you for taking a chance on me too, Emily! You definitely get credit for the MIB bug:) https://twitter.com/CHEMilyQue/status/1278526992485355522

Emily Que@CHEMilyQue

Que lab PhD #2. Congrats @radmehta22! It’s been a joy seeing you grow as a scientist/teacher/mentor/thinker. I’m proud to say I’ve helped you catch the metals in biology bug and am excited for your next bioinorganic adventure :). And thanks for taking a chance on a new PI!

I'm so touched by this honor. My life as a student was colored with numerous amazing mentors (direct and indirect as well as peers) and I am grateful to be in the position to mentor others, especially in a department with amazing grad students. #aggiepride #joyofmentoring

UC Davis Chemistry@UCDChem

Huge congratulations to Professor @marieheffern for receiving a Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Award from @UCDavisGrad! Thank you for all you do for our students! #ProudOfOurFaculty

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